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Therapy Session
Conset Forms

Consent Forms

Consent for Bone Grafting

Consent for Dental Implant Surgery

Consent for Exposure uncovering bracketing of uninterupted teeth

Consent for Extraction of Teeth and Anesthesia

Consent for Incision and Drainage

Consent for Oral Biphosphonate Drugs consent

Consent for Removal of cyst or tumor

Consent for Tooth-Root Surgery

Consent for Two stage implant with sinus-lift or bone grafting procedure

Agreement for continuing care of implants

Consent for Dental Treatment in Irradiated areas

Consent for closure of sinus opening

Consent for Frenectomy surgery

Consent for repair of facial fractures and associated injuries

Agreement for soft tissue graft

Consent for sinus (Coldwell-Luc) surgery

Consent for Treatment in Patients Receiving IV Bisphosphonate - Antiresorptive - Antiangiogenic Drugs

Consent for Treatment in Patients Receiving Oral Bisphosphonate Drugs

Informed Refusal of Treatment

Post Operative Instructions

Post Operative Instructions

Post Op Instructions for Biopsy

Post Op Instructions for Dental Implant

Post Op Instructions for Sinus Lift

Post Op Instructions for Socket Preservation Bone Graft

Post Op Instructions for Surgical Extraction

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